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07:01 am: scramble scramble
We had a fun, action-packed 4-day weekend. Teddy's swimming class was canceled because of school vacation, so we, er... did something else. Action packed!

Oh, that's right: I went to the gym and Teddy went to babysitting (he loves going to babysitting, go figure). Turns out that one of the babysitters was his camp counselor last summer, which is cool. I lifted weights (light) for the first time in a couple of weeks (wonky back - been doing cardio only). And we did grocery shopping (action. packed.). And watched Lilo & Stitch. The thrills just kept on coming.

We went to Newton Sunday, which was more action-like. "Teddy" and I* baked a president's day cake (recipe - which I mostly ignored - from his Spider magazine), which was fun if not a culinary masterpiece. I got some quality time with my folks, and Teddy went swimming with his cousins M & A (a generous gift of time & effort from my sister, who took them all).

Monday was the Aquarium (crazy expensive, holy crap - parking was $35 for 2 hours) with Teddy's younger cousin M and the Children's Museum (we're members, so free except for parking and gift shop) with M and occhi_cinesi, her DH, and Toddler A). M is beautiful inside and out; she was amazing both with Teddy and with other kids, always ready to help, to give another kid a turn, to let someone else pick. Really sweet.

Teddy and M did a great job trading off "big kid" exhibits (before Toddler A arrived). M would pick something to do, then Teddy, etc.

Why yes, these alternating things were always at opposite ends of the museum. How did you guess?

I didn't get to spend as much time as I would've liked with OC & family, which happens whenever we go to the Children's Museum (and yet I keep hoping)... too much running around after supernaturally quick children, calming of tempers small and large, etc. It was great to see them though.

Tuesday, Teddy and I went to the Museum of Science, which was also fun. (Peter went to the JFK Library, because he's a better citizen than I.) I got lost on the way to MOS, as I always do (I want to turn left after the Galleria Mall instead of right; I'm hoping by writing it here that I'll finally remember), but we still got there early enough to do everything we (he) wanted to without having to wait in any lines (including entrance - just showed our Springfield Museums membership card and zipped on in - w00t!). The Gift Shop had insufficient Lego, so I promised we'd look for a toy store in the Galleria after lunch.

No toy store at the Galleria. (No Lane Bryant either, which is one of the few places I can get bras that fit, dammit.) He was most taken with a small Ninjago Lego at Borders, but their prices clearly reflected that they're not, y'know, a toy store. And...

:drum roll please:

He put the Lego back on the shelf.

Dude. This is huge.

Anyhoo, we went to the Prudential Center, where I went into the parking garage and immediately exited because it was $18 an hour.

Holy crap. Things I don't miss about Boston.

So Peter took Teddy up to the Skywalk while I parked the car (Gladys** was smiling upon me: I found a spot right across the street and paid $2.50 for two hours. Fortunately, we keep an ample supply of quarters in the car ashtray.

I hit the Barnes & Noble because the Prudential Center also doesn't have a toy store (WTF? No kids in Boston???), got Monty Python (6 DVDs for $10!) for Peter, some trashy books for me, a nicer Lego kit (with a dog mini-figure), a book, and a Lego DVD for Teddy. (It's possible that I went a little overboard in my pride for Teddy's putting that other Lego kit back on the shelf.) (And yes, the Lego was more reasonably priced at B&N than at Borders.)

I read a few chapters while I sat on a bench, waiting for Peter & Teddy. That was pretty much the extent of the "vacation" part of my vacation. (Though I did read that Elizabeth George with the William Bulger references - I skipped those parts.)

* Teddy helped stir the batter and draw the cherry tree with icing.
** The Goddess of traffic and parking. Duh.

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Date:February 25th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
It was a wonderful visit on so many levels! So glad M & T could have time together!

[User Picture]
Date:February 25th, 2011 01:37 pm (UTC)


Y'all are most excellent and gracious hosts.

I do love seeing the kids together.
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