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07:47 pm: Back to school, at last
We had a fun vacation, but we're all glad it's over. Teddy is noticeably calmer after returning to school today.

The child, he likes his routines.

However, the routine starts getting additions this week: Lego and French classes.

He won't be doing karate after all 'cause it's $177 a month (maximum of 2 classes a week).

$177! A month! Fuggedabowdit. That's, like, a car payment.*

Too bad, because Teddy really dug it and was doing well. And I really want him to study martial arts (without the sadistic sensei, natch). After we see the impact of T-ball on his schedule, we may sign him up for Shotokan at the Community Center ($70 for 10 [or maybe it's even 12] lessons! w00t!). Until then, he can study with Sensei Mommy if he wants to.

...and he already got his free gi and belt, which is like a whole new costume. The child likes his costumes too.

* I buy cheap cars and make big down payments. Or at least I did the two times I've bought cars... and here's hoping the last one (almost 11 years old) lasts another few years, too.

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Date:March 2nd, 2011 05:29 pm (UTC)
Your child, who likes his costumes, his routines, his activities, his comforts, and many other things -- is a lucky boy. I hope he finds a perfect career. (Not some of my fantasies of costumes he'd like--spacesuits, pj's [mattress tester], circus clown. Not much promise in the future for costumes. Real ones usually involve danger or hardship; "fake ones" suggest frequent rehearsals and low pay. He doesn't suggest career athlete (yet).

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Date:March 2nd, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)

nope, not career athlete (yet)

Book or movie reviewer might be possibilities. He LOVES books and movies. Also sweatpants and popcorn.
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