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12:14 pm: Lunch-time reader
I have continued to read to Teddy's Montessori class at lunch-time on Thursdays, and I quite enjoy it. Today there were just 6 kids (there have been 10 at the most), and it's so much more interactive with fewer kids.

Today's selections went over quite well: A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea and Interrupting Chicken, both of which are funny and have good illustrations.

I know I'm doing all right when the kids forget to eat (which they did).

Yesterday was my library day at Teddy's other school, where the librarian read How Rocket Learned to Read, which it so happens I read just a couple of weeks ago at Montessori.

The librarian is a lovely person. She does a fantastic job keeping the kids focused and mostly selects appropriate books to read to them.

But she's not a good reader. She uses a sing-song voice when she reads, but manages to miss the rhythm. (And I would be mortified if she ever saw this, as she really is good at her job and I know I'm really particular about reading aloud.) I do not enjoy listening to her read.

She read Knuffle Bunny Too recently, which is a bit young for the kids. I read it to them last year, so I wasn't sure if I just... remembered it wrong.

Nope. She's just not very good.

The kids don't mind, though they do get quite restless during reading time; it's all me. I would never dream of saying anything to her. But this is my blog and I do use it occasionally to Work Stuff Out. I'm not entirely sure what makes a good reader and I know there are approximately 4,762,108 people who read better than I, so I'm not holding myself up as some exemplar of Superior Reading Ability.

I do feel sorta... squeamish when I listen to bad readers. I so want kids (all kids) to love books and I worry that listening to stories that are read poorly will dissuade them.

The kids do keep checking out books every week and do seem to enjoy themselves (restlessness aside), so I suppose I'm just being a fussy beeyatch.


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