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12:38 pm: 30 Days of Truth: Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days
This is supposed to be a letter (to the artist, presumably), but I'll have to decide if I'd be comfortable sending it. I'm not good at the fangrrl thing.

My parents gave me the Free to Be... You and Me album when I was little, probably when it first came out. It has a bunch of wonderful songs on it that also reinforced important ideas about gender equality in strong, lasting ways. (The foundation is still active.)

But the one song that's meant the most to me is by Rosey Grier. I didn't know he was a Fearsome Foursome football player who also did needlework (he even wrote a needlepoint book). (I just found out from Wikipedia that he apparently also subdued Sirhan Sirhan after the Robert Kennedy assassination - this is some dude!) I just knew that I liked the song.

No one had every told me I couldn't cry; in fact, my parents are two of the biggest saps on the planet (I'm a third). I never had trouble crying. But that song always makes me feel less alone and brings back good memories.

It also reminds me, every time, of the story it follows on the album, which was one about Dudley Pippin, a "tough" little boy who is unfairly accused of tipping over the sand table at school. He cries and is embarrassed at first, then reassured by the school principal. So hearing the song brings back that story and makes me cry more, and the catharsis helps, too.

Here's an audio snippet if you can't stand the video (which is awful).

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