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10:18 am: Also cute and cuddly
Teddy and I watched "Lilo and Stitch" recently, for the first time in ages. Lilo's still a brat, Stitch is still a nightmare, and it's still pretty stupid. But the music is great (mostly Elvis), the women still have big hips and small boobs, and it still makes me cry (the movie, not the boobs).

At some point, when Stitch is running away from his captor, who is describing him as a monster or a menace or something, Stitch replies "also cute and cuddly."

This is Teddy's new refrain (always spoken in a gruff, Cookie Monster type o' voice). He'll run around -- often naked, of course -- hollering "also cute and cuddly! Also cute and cuddly!"

Yep. My cute and cuddly kid.

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