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07:37 am: compassion
Tuesday was my day to be a helper in Teddy's classroom, which has always been a mixed bag. He gets jealous of my time with other kids and doesn't get his work done, and I feel guilty for not spending time with him, but also for not paying enough attention to the other kids.

Well, I finally seem to have the rhythm down. Or maybe it was because his teacher wasn't there, so there were a bunch of teacher's aides in the room. Or maybe because his teacher is making sure Teddy doesn't have reading work when I'm there (he particularly likes to read to me). Dunno. In any case, Teddy finished his work speedily, I was able to help other kids, and the hour passed without incident.

His teacher returned just as the kids went out for recess, so I had the chance to talk to her about Teddy's progress while the kids hurled their backpacks to the ground, raced around, slid into mud puddles, and otherwise enjoyed themselves. She described a recent incident: Another boy's mother had to leave after her classroom duty and he was very sad to see her go, so he was crying on the teacher's lap. Teddy came over to ask the boy to play with him, because he saw that he was upset and feeling lonely.

The boy declined, but the teacher was very impressed that Teddy saw the problem and tried to help. She's in a better position than I, of course, to know whether this was worthy of note, and apparently it was.

In any case, I'm so pleased that he's developing real compassion.

I love my kid.

Also his teacher.

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