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08:38 am: 30 Days of Truth: Day 14 → A hero that has let you down
This one's supposed to be a letter, but I don't have anyone to send it to. I don't have heroes. I have people I admire enormously, people who've been momentary heroes (if I've ever said or written you "you are the wind beneath my wings," you're one of 'em... and I do believe that includes just about everyone who's ever read this blog), people whom I emulate, but no heroes. Dunno if it's just not in my nature or if it's unrealistic or if I'm putting too many demands on my definition of a hero, but I'm not a hero person.

I have felt disappointed by people whom I admire, what with their being actual, y'know, humans and all. Miss Manners' advice is sometimes stodgy and unsympathetic. Aretha Franklin is kinda stupid (OK, very stupid). I disagree with some of Obama's policies and wish he'd get to some more of the things he promised while campaigning. Some celebrities, artists, authors, and activists have turned out to be douchebags or to have underlying agendas contradictory to what I believe in.

But they're entitled. I've been stodgy, unsympathetic, stupid, and slow to act. I've been a douchebag and my motives haven't always been pure.


My parents, my friends, my teachers are all wonderful people and all human, too. I don't think it's possible to have any kind of real relationship with another person and not be let down occasionally any more than it's possible not to let them down occasionally. If the disappointments are too frequent or too deep, maybe I don't feel close any more or maybe I even have to let the relationship die, which is vaguely disappointing but also a relief.


There are classes of people I think are heroic - firefighters and teachers and others who serve. But when it comes to individuals? Human. All of 'em.

Recognizing potential heroes as human is part of getting to know them, building real relationships with them, and becoming vulnerable to being let down. I prefer that process to blind worship.

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Date:March 13th, 2011 12:50 pm (UTC)
When do you get home?

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Date:March 13th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)

Got home last night

My body has NO idea what time it is, but I'm mighty happy to be home.
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