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08:13 pm: rash and other random stuff
Teddy has a rash between his shoulder blades. Here's hoping Benadryl makes it disappear.

* * * * *

The snow is almost gone, so Teddy's newest hobby is digging holes in the yard. Peter's response: "We don't like grass anyway."

Um, Peter? Yes we do. At least, better than we like dirt.

So digging is now restricted to the back slice of yard.

Also, fingernail cleaning is a new part of the night-time routine.

* * * * *

The T-ball League is looking for coaches. I can think of few things for which I am less qualified. And for once, I'm not volunteering. Classroom, yep. Reading, yep. Library, yep. PTO, yep. Book Fair, yep.

T-ball, nope.

* * * * *

My birthday is looking excellent (though I'll miss seeing my folks): breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Big Apple Circus, dinner with dear friends. Teddy will be joining me for all the festivities, while Peter mans the home front.

I did tell Peter he's required to supply birthday cake the day after my birthday. I'm assuming it'll involve Hostess, but that's OK. As long as it's something.

* * * * *

My back's doing better since I quit doing the machines my chiropractor told me to quit (leg press and abdominals [I'd already quit the back machine]); I'm doing stuff with the exercise balls instead. I'm also doing yoga on the days I don't go to the gym. It's nice not to hurt all the time.

* * * * *

My surgery to have the xanthelasma removed has been scheduled. No NSAIDs for two weeks before the surgery, which should make cramps a real frickin' blast... especially on my birthday. I see many heating pads and hot baths in my future.

Oh well, it'll be fantastic to have an unblemished eyelid again. Many, many, many thanks to my folks for making it possible.

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Date:March 31st, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)

Zyrtec works on rashes too

And it doesn't make them sleepy like Benadryl does. You only take it once a day! (it tastes much better too)
[User Picture]
Date:March 31st, 2011 11:26 am (UTC)

good point

OTOH, I consider sleepiness a good quality of an evening.

I definitely need to get some children's Zyrtek for day-time use, however.
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