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08:16 am: Race to Nowhere
I saw Race to Nowhere last week and was very disturbed (as one ought to be). It's about kids who are under extreme stress with school and extra-curricular activities, due to a confluence of events: greater competition in college from the second wave of baby boomers, the pendulum swinging back from the extreme permissiveness of the 70s, helicopter parents, etc. The documentary's director got the idea when a peer of her daughter's (13 years old) killed herself, apparently because of a bad grade on a math test, and when her own three kids were exhibiting physical signs of severe stress (one was ultimately hospitalized).

Horrible stuff.

My initial response was "I have to pull Teddy out of T-ball."

T-ball hasn't even started yet.

On second thought, I realized that I need to let him at least, y'know, try it first. I talked to a bunch of people about it last weekend, all of whom said it's a very low-key league, so I'm less worried about it now.

Still, the week since then surely says something.

Saturday: swimming
Sunday: birthday party
Monday: half-day school
Tuesday: all-day school (Mommy's classroom day)
Wednesday: orchestra petting zoo, half-day school (Mommy's library day), Lego
Thursday: all-day school, French
Friday: all-day school (Mommy's reading day)

...and t-ball is apparently 3 days a week.

Too much? Dunno.

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