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06:07 am: Teeth and Bathtub Squats
I have ear static, but the first time in two weeks, I feel as though I might actually get better.

For more important news...
Teddy's two front, top teeth are pushing their way out. Very exciting. Now he can cut my finger in both directions.

Last night, he started doing squats in the bathtub without holding on to anything. He must've enjoyed the feeling, as he did it over and over and over again. Could the future star of the WWE be a future power lifter, too?

Oh well, it's better than hockey. At least he'll keep all his (new) teeth.

I suspect he'll start trying to walk unassisted soon. Peter is in deep denial; he says he isn't ready to take care of a child who can walk. As if either of us has any say about anything any more. Ha!

Current Mood: sickstill sick, but getting better
Current Music: that maddening crackling sound in my ear
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