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08:17 am: Good weekend
:deep breath:
pancakes with Easter Bunny back home get stuff out again stop at bank Mass Pike Mass Pike Mass Pike stop at occhi_cinesi's to drop off books and clothes drive by old house whoa some changes there (many good) doesn't feel like our neighborhood anymore stop by Newton potty in town whoops missed the parking garage around the block concession stand I'm not hungry I only want cotton caaaandy eats more than half my hotdog anyway circus circus circus (what fun! performing goats!) quick trip to New Balance outlet new indoor shoes (Peter hates the dirt-tracking; all shoes come off outside Czech households) plus bake sale for Japan obviously must have a brownie bite duh (besides - half a hotdog! starving!) stop by Newton quick visit off to Armenian market for good Syrian bread dinner with friends. Aaaaahhhh!

:deep breath:

It was great to see my friends and Teddy even behaved. Mostly.

Yesterday was for chillin'. Teddy and I watched 1.5 more Harry Potter movies (in anticipation of receiving Deathly Hallows, Part I this week). I read Jean Auel's new book. We had Chinese food for dinner (I did make falafel for lunch, so I wasn't a total slacker) and skipped cake 'cause I was full.

All in all, a most excellent birthday celebration.

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