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06:28 am: "You look like Frankenstein, Mommy!"
I finally got my xanthelasma removed yesterday.

First off, I couldn't have done it without my parents, who generously gave me the surgery as a birthday present, and occhi_cinesi, who was my chauffeur for the day. Many, many thanks to them!

/end acceptance speech

It was... interesting. Nauseating. A bit painful. Annoying. Ugly.

I'm not sure where the nausea came from, exactly, though I suspect it started with too little breakfast before a stop 'n' lurch bus ride into Boston. Too few liquids definitely contributed to the blasting headache that lasted the day (I get migraines when I'm dehydrated).

In any case, I got there, a bit early. They called me in, a bit late. I signed papers indicating I understood the Insane Thing I was letting them do to me (AKA consent forms).

The procedure itself was short and relatively painless. I wasn't crazy about the big black contact lens the doctor put in my eye (particularly since she hadn't warned me about it in advance - this was a recurring theme), though of course I was delighted to have my eye protected in any and all ways possible. She was quick, she explained what she was doing as she was doing it, she gave me reasons for doing what she did - except for something with a cautery, which was quite warm (well, duh) - and for telling me to do what I was to do.

She praised me repeatedly for being "so relaxed! It makes it so much easier!" Apparently my sweating palms and rapid-fire heartbeat didn't show up on my eyelid. Which is good. Delighted to make things easier as you stick pointy objects near my eye, really!

Other than a quick glance in OC's mirror, I didn't get to look at it until I got home. It's ugly. It's swollen, which I think is what's making me feel sleepy (my eye is droopy; I must be tired). The stitches are big and black and, indeed, Frankenstein-y. The ointment makes it look kinda slimy.

Woo hoo. Gonna get my sexy on. In about 6 months... or at least 5 days, when the stitches should start being absorbed.

One thing I think is interesting* is that I found myself annoyed at things that I would not find annoying if I were, say, paying a co-pay. Such as not having been warned about the contact lens, or told I should take Tylenol before the procedure, or given a prescription to fill before the procedure (I was not entirely stable on my feet at the pharmacy and would have preferred to get the ointment in advance). When I'm directly paying (or my lovely, generous parents are paying) full price, I expect full service, and am annoyed by minor inconveniences. When insurance is paying (I'm paying indirectly), I'm more tolerant.

So I have to wear sunglasses religiously, as the red mark will last 6 months (which I also was not told before and am mighty glad I'm getting this done well before my high school reunion) but a tan would last a year. :gulp: Sunglasses it is! And a hat! And sunscreen!

Business as usual, in other words.

* I don't like the word, most of the time, as it's, well, boring, but my response isn't sufficient to call fascinating or enthralled (by any stretch) or whatever, so... :shrug:

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Date:April 14th, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)

We loved seeing you....

...but I'm sorry I talked your ear off when you had a headache/migraine. I'm sure that didn't help.

However, the description of your eye today is nothing like it was yesterday. I couldn't tell you had anything done on your face/eye when you got in the car immediately after the 'procedure', I actually thought they had rescheduled you or something. I'm sorry it looks yucky now but how cool to have a black eye from something legitimate. My only black eye was from one of the Mike's who was supposed to be spotting my aerial but instead punched me in the eye. Not a good spotter.

Aria loves her hat, thank you!!!! Recover well and fast and we'll see you soon!
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Date:April 14th, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)

you didn't talk my ear off!

You were fantabulous! Honestly, I would've told you if I thought noise was an issue. It was definitely at its worst on the bus, which is part of why I'm not sure it was related to dehydration. I'm thinking it might have been an unusual side effect of horrible motion sickness.

I don't have a black eye (yet, anyway) -- it's just swollen. I think my glasses hide most of it, but I'll know more after Teddy's (first!) T-ball practice tonight, where I'll see lots of other parents... and they'll see me.

BAD spotter!

So glad Aria likes her hat. Turns out I got Teddy a duplicate of one he already had, so he was all crabby about it. Peter pointed out that he will surely lose the other, so now he has a backup.
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