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10:42 am: not the vacation day I planned
I took a day off today to give myself a little bit of space to breathe. The weekend was pretty packed, between T-ball pictures, a birthday party, and various errands, so I was looking forward to a mellow day - work out, chill, massage, chill some more.

Major emphasis on chillin'.

But when my rash got worse this weekend instead of better, I figured I'd give the doctor a call and see if I should switch to another ointment sooner rather than later. I called right when the office opened. I called back an hour later to make sure they had my number. It's been more than two hours since my first call and they still haven't called.


I could've worked out, showered, had breakfast, and been well into chillin' by now. I finally gave up and had breakfast. I've been futzing on the computer. But this ain't chillin'. Regardless of whether I would've futzed anyway, feeling forced to not do anything else is not helping me breathe.

(I mean that literally: I had a mild panic attack this weekend. Because the CDs aren't in alphabetical order any more. This was proof positive that I need to be breathing. I've never had a panic attack before. And over CDs? Dude. There is too much stress in my life.)

So here I am, waiting for a damned phone call and not chillin'. Dammit.

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