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06:37 am: I'm so lucky
And Really Quite Tired.

We had an amazing week. occhi_cinesi and Baby A came to visit for a couple of days, which was fantastic. I wish I'd been able to spend more time with them (I had to work), but OC and I did get one verrrry late night*, talking, which was both healing and nostalgic. I'm very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend.

Watching Baby A (who will always be a baby to me) grow and change is a blast. The first time they came to visit, she could crawl and sit, but not walk or talk. Now she runs all over (by herself sometimes, which I remember all too well as a Big Huge Deal, with the new-found Mommy sometimes-freedom) and talks up a storm and giggles like crazy with Teddy, which is an absolute joy to witness.

* * *

My other guests - 6 of 'em - arrived on Saturday. It was wonderful to see them, too, if even more frustratingly briefly than OC. They were in Western MA to attend the Amherst graduation of their son/grandson/brother, so they were only here overnight (we did try to convince them to stay longer, but it didn't work out).

Carla was my best friend in elementary school, so we've stayed in touch for (HOLY SHIITAKE) 42 years. She and her mother and her boys are wonderful house guests, conversationalists, entertainers... it was fantastic to see them all. We have tentative plans to visit them sometime this summer.

* * *

Yesterday was the Longmeadow Parade, in which Teddy and I marched with his Montessori school. I somehow ended up holding the school banner, which made for a bit of jostling and irritation ("please don't lean on the rod, boys!" "PLEASE don't LEAN on the ROD, boys!" "BOYS!"). Teddy fell about halfway through the parade, so a teacher had to take over banner duty while I carried Teddy to the sidelines for R&R.

We did Long Meddowe Days (a faire on the towne greene), which has lots of crafty booths and a few games and civil war reenactments and a bunch of politicians and a mess of food that's bad for you (some, but not all, benefiting various causes).

* * *

Despite having applied sun lotion and sticking to the shade, I got sunburned. I also did something bizarre to my hip and to my shoulder (though those might be due to unusual strain of scrubbing, as I'm much more diligent when we have guests coming than I am for just us).

I woke up thinking I'd get to the gym after all, but Teddy seems to be sick. What I'd assumed was the perpetual drippy nose of allergies has turned into a hacking cough. I'll be calling the doctor when the office opens.

* * *

Busy weekend. Busy week coming up. Hoping for some sleep 'n' stuff.

* 11:15. In the old days, the night would have just been beginning (and I was getting up to work the next day then, too - how the heck did I do it??), but these days? WILD 'N' CRAZY.

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