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07:43 am: allergies for him, something for me, and the kindergarten play
Teddy's been sniffling for a week or so. When The Cough started, Peter took him to the doctor. Allergies. Triaminic (which I'm not convinced works for him, but we'll give it a fair shot).

Apparently tree pollen is past its peak but grass pollen is coming out gangbusters. Yippee. Should make tonight's t-ball game reeeally fun.

I probably have a sinus infection, as I always seem to get in the spring (but I thought it was with tree pollen, go figure). Feel like caca. Losing my voice. Yippee again.

* * * * *

Teddy's kindergarten play is coming up in two weeks - The Three Pigs and the Big Scary Wolf. Teddy plays Fluffy, the three-headed dog who provides the sticks to the second little pig. I was quite pleased with the costume I devised (a tiara*, cut down as required and spray-painted gray, with a gray-scale drawing of Cerberus affixed to it), but Teddy wants to know about his fur.

There will be no fur.

However, at his teacher's request, he will have monochromatic clothes to wear (gray sweatpants and turtleneck).

I'm wondering how I'd forgotten the many stories of costumes that had to be provided for school plays... and why MY kid had to be Fluffy instead of a pirate (two of his friends are the brick purveyors, I believe).

* * * * *

During my classroom-parent time yesterday, Teddy's teacher slipped me a small paper with his lines on it, asking if we could please help him practice. Apparently she's had to prompt him at every rehearsal. She said "it's kind of endearing, really, about both of them, because the most-challenged kid in the class has his lines completely memorized, but Teddy, who's like Einstein, is having trouble." (emphasis mine)

Einstein! (Probably more like Baby Einstein, which isn't very Einstein-ish at all, but still!)

Anyway, in one of my favorite moments ever, Dad called Teddy to help him run his lines.

Thanks, Dad!!


* Edited to add: The reason I used a tiara is that he HAD TO HAVE a mask, but couldn't have one that required him to hold it up ("I need both hands to hold the basket of sticks, MOM!"). I tried making one that tied on, but the size required for three dog heads meant it kept slipping over his eyes. A headband made the wrong angle. I would've LOVED to have found a mask/costume to buy, but the only reasonably-priced Cerberus costumes are for, um, dogs.

I didn't even realize you could buy dog costumes.

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Date:May 27th, 2011 03:01 pm (UTC)
To the loving parents of Baby Einstein:

And congratulations, costume maker, and sufferer of springtime maladies! I think your papa will enjoy this blog!!!

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Date:May 27th, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)


And I hope Dad enjoys it too. :)
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