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10:57 am: 30 Days of Truth: Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone and explain why you chose all the songs
I did short list a couple of years ago as part of a meme, but I love doing play lists (I loved doing mix tapes and mix CDs too), so am happy to extend this.

It's a pretty fair mix of Teddy's favorites and mine, with Teddy as the intended recipient.

Tatooine, by Jeremy Messersmith — One of Teddy’s favorite songs (about Star Wars, more or less), and one that doesn’t make me cringe – a good beginning
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh), by The Tokens — Another old favorite, this one was the best part of his music class
Day-O (Banana Boat Song), by Harry Belafonte — My Dad used to sing this one to me, though I’m not sure he’s ever sung it to Teddy
Puff, the Magic Dragon, by Peter, Paul, and Mary — Gotta have Puff
Find Yourself, by Brad Paisley — From the Cars soundtrack, with a good message
Natural Man, by Lou Rawls — One of my favorites, with another good message
Mama’s Pearl, by Jackson 5 — Good beat, true
Boogie Shoes, by KC & the Sunshine Band — A favorite of Teddy’s, good for the rhythm section of the list
Baba O’Riley, by The Who — Teddy’s more and more into hard rock and this is the only one we agree on
Born to Be Bad, by George Thorogood — OK, I like this one fine too, but it’s really blues; oh well
New Divide, by Linkin Park — From the Transformers soundtrack; I hate it, he loves it
Iron Man, by Black Sabbath — Another one Teddy loves and I hate
Cornelius Fudge Is an Ass, by Harry and the Potters — Teddy loves H&TP and he especially loves the “cussing”
Low Rider, by War — This one gets Teddy snapping, though he doesn’t like me to dance to it
Rock ‘n Me, by Steve Miller Band — Teddy prefers “The Joker,” but I refuse to include a song that refers to a midnight toker
Upside Down, by Jack Johnson — From the Curious George soundtrack
Chanson pour les Petis Enfants, by Jimmy Buffett — One of the only French songs Teddy seems to like
Be Kind to Your Parents, by Pete Seeger — Important message… VERY important message
It's All Right to Cry, by Rosey Grier — Even MORE important message
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald — Teddy loves the tomato/tomAHto part
Life Is a Highway, by Rascal Flatts — Another selection from the Cars soundtrack, and the source of one of Teddy’s first jokes (“we’re on the life! Because life is a highway!”)
Parents Are People, by Harry Belafonte & Marlo Thomas — Self-explanatory, I hope
Marvelous Toy, by Peter, Paul, and Mary — One of my old favorites that Teddy tolerates
Shut Your Eyes, by Snow Patrol — One of Teddy’s favorites when we first moved in; the first video of him dancing in his new playroom has this song
You Can Close Your Eyes, by James Taylor — My favorite lullaby; I sang it to Teddy as a baby though I’m not sure he’d let me these days

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