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08:13 pm: Exactly the weekend I needed
I did nothing this weekend.

Well, almost nothing. Slept (napped, even, twice), read some books, took baths, baked cupcakes. Managed to keep my family fed and reasonably clean. Worked out once. Made beds. Cleaned a toilet or two. Saw Kung Fu Panda 2, which was cute.

But really? Very nearly nothing. I was still battling allergies/cold/whatever (Teddy was too) and got cramps on top of that, so I was in complete veg-o-matic mode.

And it was wonderful. Exactly what I needed.

Peter took more time with Teddy than he sometimes does, which helped a lot (weekend parenting is primarily my thing). He got him a haircut yesterday and even took him to Six Flags today.

Me? I re-read Janet Evanovich #2-16 (I don't like Benito Ramirez from #1, and forgot he makes another appearance a couple of books later). They're not challenging, and really not even that good, but they were exactly what I needed this weekend: total brain candy.

I'm feeling lots better, ready to start work again (good thing, because a wee crisis popped up this evening), and mighty grateful that I got a break.

Good times.

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