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12:00 pm: Could we at least avoid tornadoes this week?
Thank goodness Teddy's only in one school next year. 'Cause the end-of-year schedule at two is makin' me nuts:

Monday - My day for classroom duty (public school). Time spent herding 6-year-old boys in and out of their costumes for the dress rehearsal of 3 Little Pigs and the Mean Wolf.
Tuesday - T-ball.
Wednesday - My library day (public school). I think the kids aren't allowed to take out any more books, so I'll be shelving. Also, end-of-year party (Montessori). Also, end-of-year play (public). Also, 96° predicted.
Thursday - My last (sniff!) reading day (Montessori). Also, T-ball.
Friday - Field Day (public school), where I'm chaperoning. Vacation time to herd kids outdoors. Yippee.
Saturday - Rescheduled Rock Cats game.
Sunday - Birthday party for one of Teddy's Montessori classmates and her little sister (whom neither Teddy nor I has ever met but for whom we're apparently expected to buy a gift).
Monday - Rain date for Field Day.
Tuesday - Last day celebration (Montessori).

...at which point, Montessori ends (forever), which is both less complicated and tricky (because public school doesn't end for another 10 days).

And the system I've been working on for 18 months is finally going live. And the other system I'd advising on is going into alpha test. And the other system starts an upgrade process any day now.

And ragweed, to which I'm highly allergic, has taken over a nontrivial chunk of the yard, so I'm taking antihistamines all the time (the ones that work for me all make me sleepy).

Me? Burned. Out.

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