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06:50 am: The 3 Little Pigs and the Scary Wolf
Teddy's kindergarten play was yesterday, which was that fabulous combination of wonderful, awful, and deeply moving that the best kindergarten plays are. Teddy did a fantastic job with his part (Fluffy the 3-headed dog, who provides sticks to the second little pig). He remembered all his lines, spoke them at a good pace, and was quite expressive ("that's NOT a good idea!" [to build a house with sticks]).

He was also the only kid in the play who climbed into his Mommy's lap after he finished his part. I think he was overwhelmed.

I was surprised but happy to snuggle him. I'm delighted that he sees me as his refuge and that he seeks me out even if it's not what his peers are doing.

(I was less delighted that they [teachers, I think?] had my name wrong in his bio in the program. Dammit, I'm not Katherine. I've never been Katherine. I will never be Katherine.)

I cried, of course. Combined with the dripping sweat (it was 96° and the AC was off so we could hear the kids), I was quite soggy.

Good times.

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