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02:00 pm: Communication Skilz
Teddy definitely understands a few things...
Words: Teddy, Mama, Tata/Dada, No, Bye, Drink, Cheese, Ice cream
Signs: Light, fan, bye-bye, duck... maybe food, drink, cheese
Phrases: Do you want to nurse? Should I put it away? (i.e., are you done nursing?) Where's Daddy?

This morning after he finished nursing (that is, "should I put it away?" did not make him immediately crawl back on me again), Teddy was lying on the bed looking at the light. When he made the sign for light, I said "that's right, Teddy, light!" and he said "LIGE!"

I have no idea how long it'll be before he says it again, but I was impressed.

When I say "no," he does stop what he's doing (usually crawling on or reaching for something dangerous). He doesn't usually stay stopped, though he was quite good about staying away from the hearth this weekend, to my surprise.

Instead, he generally looks as though he really is seriously considering whether he'll stop altogether, but decides that it was a silly idea and that [whatever] is more fun than stopping.

Current Mood: impressedimpressed
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