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12:15 pm: Teddy's new books
I suppose Thomas the Tank Engine was Teddy's first literary* love. He's had brief affairs with SpongeBob, Superheroes, et al. Harry Potter has, of course, been his longest-standing love so far.

His newest topics of interest are Greek mythology and the Underground Railroad. He's avidly reading books on each subject (perhaps I didn't buy the Percy Jackson & the Olympians set too early after all! Christmas 2011 instead of Christmas 2014?) and I must admit that I'm tickled.

Much as I love reading the Harry Potter books (especially to Teddy, despite his requiring me to skip any scenes that make me cry) and seeing the movies, I do enjoy other subjects as well. I'm fascinated by Greek mythology and don't know much about it, so I'm happy to have the opportunity to learn.

I was fascinated by the Underground Railroad myself as a child. Abolitionists were heroes to me, Harriet Tubman in particular. And the yearly trips to the Jackson Homestead were a highlight of elementary school.

I'm also delighted that Teddy's immediate desire, upon discovering a new interest, is to read everything he can find on the subject.

My kid! A reader! A learner! w00t!

* If you can call Awdry's stories that. They're not bad, but I'm not sure they're literature.

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