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06:52 am: Teddyisms from Camp

3 days of camp. 3 different kinds of breakdown after he gets home. The my-Nintendo-isn't-recharged breakdown, the I-can't-find-Lego-videos-on-demand breakdown, and... er... the other one.

He has trouble with transitions, but he does adjust. I'm hoping today will be the day.

* * * * *

"She's mostly young and a little bit old. A little older than you."

Dunno if the child understands his own convoluted syntax enough to know how very diplomatic his assessment of one of the camp staff is.

* * * * *

"I don't EVER want to go back to JCC camp!"

Turns out they sing a blessing after lunch, and it makes him uncomfortable. So we've told him he doesn't have to listen or sing along, just be quiet and polite. And I've started playing gospel music for him that he actually likes, so he gets some experience with enjoying music even if the lyrics aren't his favorite.

He also doesn't like the lack of privacy in the changing rooms (he swims twice a day). "No one gets to look at my privates except you and Daddy and me" (and the doctor, we added). We reminded him that he's not deliberately looking at anyone else's body and suggested that no one is looking at him deliberately either. And that he could ask a counselor to let him change in a bathroom stall if he still felt uncomfortable.

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