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07:30 am: Amateur theatre
Teddy and I saw Seussical, Jr. at his camp last week (and Teddy saw it again the next morning with the camp).

Oh my.

I'm sure the kids worked really, really hard on it. They knew their lines cold. Not a single blip. And some of the kids were quite young (7-8). I was very impressed.

But the singing? So very painful. So very, very painful.

If two kids managed to get one musical phrase right each (in 90 minutes), I'd be astonished.

It was appalling. Worse than amateur children's theatre appalling. Painfully appalling. Appallingly painful.

I suspect the kids had a drama coach but not a music coach. Except the kids couldn't really act either. They knew their lines, and a few made an effort to be sad Horton or flirtatious Gertrude, but they didn't seem to have any feeling about what they were doing.

Is that too much, for kids? I don't know what to expect, really (Dad, please do chime in here).

Fortunately, Teddy was a wonderful audience member. He paid attention, he applauded in the right places, and he didn't wiggle (or, y'know, jump out of his chair and run to the front and dance... not that I can picture him doing so, but other kids were not as restrained).

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Date:July 18th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
I'm convinced that video cameras are not necessary in this day and age. Because then there is irrefutable proof of what our kids REALLY sound like! Back in the day, I felt that I was an AMAZING dancer/performer - and there is very little evidence that proves or disproves that.

We have an amazing music teacher at my kids' school. She works hard with them. But the "Honor Choir" performance - the one with lots of solos? That was pure torture. But the audience applauded politely, and those kids (mostly girls) felt like they were on top of the world.

Now, this IS tricky as they get older. Because in high school, I have much higher standards. But for the little guys... it often IS quite painful.

(I've been pleased with the middle school band concerts, so far. It sounds very different when you have a whole bunch of them playing together - rather than the single saxophone that I'm used to hearing ;-).
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Date:July 18th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)


I'm mighty glad there are no records of most of my performances.

Part of why we moved to Longmeadow is that the music programs are supposed to be really good. When I was in Newton schools, the older level programs were also good. A friend of mine grew up in Plainville (derbyhat? anything to add?), where the programs are fabulous (older level, anyway - dunno about the younger grades).

This performance was a mix of young kids and some that must've been at least 14. And they were uniformly awful. And it is on video. Egads.

Interesting point you brought up about soloists. A choir seems to average out pretty well, if there are a few talented people (even if they're shy people). There's no hiding a crappy solo, is there?
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