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07:49 am: Family fun night was fun. Sorta.
Teddy's camp had Family Fun Night last night. Peter didn't go, but Teddy and I did OK on our own.

It was hot. Very fracking hot. Fortunately, the event started in the auditorium. With singing. In Hebrew. I have no idea what songs were sung, except that neither Hava Nagila nor L'Chaim was on the program.

After listening appreciatively and applauding appropriately, we set forth on the activity round-robin, which turned out to mean "pick what you want to do and hope everybody else who turned up didn't pick the same thing."

At this task, we failed miserably. Teddy wanted to do archery, because he never had.

Approximately every other little kid also wanted to do archery, as well as a bunch of big kids. So we traipsed off into the woods so Teddy could stand in line and shoot 3 arrows. He pronounced this "like, AWESOME." We then traipsed back into the building, Teddy changed as fast as he ever has (and I discovered that a bird shat on my shoulder - presumably while we were in the woods, but I suppose it could have been in the changing room), and he got about 15 minutes of swimming before he had to get out of the pool.

A quick swing by the bake sale table and we left. We did not stay for the closing show for two reasons:
1 - Teddy was already near the meltdown point and needed to get to bed
2 - I learned something from Seussical, Jr. last week and was determined not to repeat the lesson

Teddy pretty much cried the whole way home because he "didn't get to do hardly aaaaannnnythiiiiiing." He did say that while archery was awesome, he should've just gone straight to the pool and stayed there.


He's off to camp in a little while, where I hope he remembers to apologize to the archery teacher for not picking up his arrows yesterday. Even more important (much as I care about manners), I hope he's inside for most of the day because it's fracking hot. Heat-warning hot. Last year he puked at school when it was less hot hot. Spending the whole day in my office hot. Picnic dinner in the office hot. Hot.

Remembering the apology would be great. Not puking (or fainting) would be even better.

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Date:July 23rd, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
Sorry you had such a hot time at family fun night.

Hope no puking or fainting followed up. It's even hot here -- and neither of
us is happy with it. Had a nice dinner with Maureen and Dennis last night. They're looking forward to seeing/meeting you, Peter, and Teddy. Good people.

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Date:July 23rd, 2011 09:56 pm (UTC)

heat stinks

I'm so not good in the heat.

Teddy did remember to apologize to the counselor. He neither puked nor fainted. The campers spent most of the day inside.

I hadn't realized Maureen and Dennis will be on the island when we are! I look forward to seeing/meeting them too. I hope I recognize them.
Date:July 24th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)

Re: heat stinks

To my surprise, they've only been coming since the mid-eighties (we weren't able to figure out exactly when), so you were long-gone (or a lttle gone anyhow.) Maggie can introduce you (ha ha.) She's getting ready for their son's wedding the weekend before -- spent some bribe money on hand lotion and related items with great earnestness. I just figured out George and Janice will have a grandchild only a little older than Steve and Gretchen's first. Exciting times, huh?

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Date:July 24th, 2011 06:43 pm (UTC)

exciting indeed!

Did I know Gretchen was also expecting? VERY exciting!
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