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08:23 pm: just let me get through the next week
Tomorrow will be fun - heading to Boston (Teddy's first time on the bus), seeing my folks, buying school shoes, hitting New England Mobile Book Fair, and having dinner with dear friends. That'll be fun. (Though getting back after 10 pm might be tricky with teh child, who is No Fun At All when he doesn't sleep... here's hoping he conks out on the bus home.)

Sunday will also be fun - Tanglewood picnic. Smetana, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Teddy's first time at Tanglewood. And I ordered the picnic (got a confirmation phone call - love that!), so I don't have to pack the food.

Next week is less likely to be fun. I'm heading to Sarasota (yippee! perfect place to go in August! w00t!) for 3 full days of business meetings. And because the timing SUCKS MIGHTILY, I won't even get the small comfort of watching crappy TV and reading trashy books... I'll be testing software every night, dribbling room service food into my laptop.

So Peter will be on full-time Teddy duty all week (no camp, though Teddy is going to all-day kiddy kare one day, which will help) and I'll be alone in a hotel room.

I love the company where I work. I genuinely enjoy 90% of the people who will be at these meetings. I do not genuinely enjoy the final (loud, dominating) 10%. And I do not enjoy indirect flights to hot places in summer (hot places where only one person lives, so 15-20 people are flying to get there). And I most especially do not enjoy leaving both my guys at home with cracker stackers, TV dinners, and a virtual endless supply of DVDs that Teddy really Ought Not to Watch.

But one week from today, I will be on vacation. Oh yes I will. And I will be vacating. I have a housesitter, so I may blog a bit... or I may scroot and blog when I get back.


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