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07:05 am: vacation wrap-up
Kid vacations aren't the same as adult vacations.

For starters, (most) adults aren't inclined to declare "this is the worst vacation EVER" within minutes of having declared the activity just completed to be "AWESOME."

In any case, we had a terrific vacation.

There were daily beach-related traumas, related to crabs, boo-boos, seaweed, fish, etc.

There were frequent food-related kerfluffles, related to excess sausage (hotdogs/kielbasa) and insufficient vegetables. (That's my assessment; Teddy and Peter would probably reverse the descriptors there.)

There were occasional altercations around the appropriate balance of activity - I was content to sit and watch waves, Peter wanted to be in them (except, perhaps, during the crazy storm that started the week), and Teddy wanted to cover himself in sand.

We got ample beach time. We did Flying Horses. We bought fudge. Teddy and I got books. We got a map for Peter (showing Moravia and Bohemia - from an 1810(?) encyclopedia).

We got to attend Illumination Night, which involved more waiting and more music than I remembered... and a much, much bigger crowd. Still, the beauty of the illumination itself was well worth it to me. (Peter - not so much. He says he doesn't need to attend again.)

We went mini-golfing ("AWESOME").

We watched the Oak Bluffs fireworks from a pretty much ideal location - the back window of the third-floor apartment. Teddy, Peter, and I crammed ourselves into the window together and oohed and aahed throughout. Teddy had never seen fireworks in person before, and Peter had never seen such extensive fireworks (he expected them to be over in 5 minutes).

We went to the Agricultural Fair, which was lots of fun.

In fact, Saturday was pretty much an ideal day, despite starting with checking out of the apartment. We went to the Fair for a couple of hours - enough time to see a logging event, go on a couple of rides, nosh on some tasty fair food (veggie tempura, root beer float, watermelon, Caeser wrap), and check out the critters and the exhibits. We then went to Aquinnah to see the cliffs and eat chowder and pie (me) and sandwich and fries (Teddy). I then dropped Peter and Teddy at Philbin Beach and went for a short drive (then read while I waited in the car - there's very little parking), where they had a blast swimming, climbing on rocks, and redistributing sand.

We stopped at the Chilmark Store on the way back for ice cream for Teddy (his third serving that day - the perils of cleaning out the fridge before leaving), brownies for Peter, and a small chocolate for me (sadly, Chilmark Chocolates was closed, so I had to make do with a decent wrapped chocolate).

To our astonishment, we got on an earlier boat when we arrived at the Oak Bluffs ferry more than an hour before our scheduled departure. We didn't even know there was a boat at that time; we'd planned to have one of us wait in line and the other take Teddy to the beach or into town. And because they kinda crammed us onto the boat, we were the second car off. w00t!

I thought the vacation was a really good blend of vegging and playing. Peter would like to have more days like Saturday, Teddy would like more (!) ice cream, mini-golfing, and Nintendo.

And we're back.

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Date:August 25th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
So glad it was awesome, even if the worst you've ever had. I was delighted you got in so much so good despite the awful weather. Smile!!!

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Date:August 25th, 2011 10:50 pm (UTC)

it *was* awesome

Thank you for enabling it!
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