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06:03 am: Irene was just a tease to us... thank goodness
I'd far rather a potential disaster be over-hyped than under-. I'd rather be over-prepared than caught unaware. I'd rather have fights with my husband about capitalism than about clean-up.

Right. So. Irene didn't turn out to be much of anything here.

"Here" being at our house. Mostly in our town (we're still on flood watch). Mostly in our state.

We prepared about as well as we could (the grocery store was out of water, so we stocked up on Fresca instead). We battened down our hatches. We waited and waited and waited.

We got a lot of rain and a fair amount of wind. One major branch fell in our yard, plenty far away from the house. That's about it.

Of course lots of other people weren't so lucky... still aren't so lucky. We know (and know of) people in Vermont who are in pretty deep doo-doo (or deep water, anyway). A couple of houses in our town sustained serious damage and those in the flood area won't know for another day or so if they'll come out unscathed.

Teddy prepared by watching Sesame Street videos. He scoffed a bit at first, but ended up riveted by Big Bird's hurricane adventure. Because we had a power outage just a couple of months ago, he was a bit worried about that. He didn't much want to sleep in the basement, as he had during the tornadoes, but he did have his backpack packed with toys and games and books. He was looking forward to lots of time with Nintendo DS in the basement, so he was disappointed to miss that. He didn't much like the weather channel as background music to his weekend.

We were lucky. We even had the comfort of the major part of the storm hitting during the day, without the added fear from darkness (and likely lack of sleep).

Peter and I had a lot of conflict around the storm. I ended up saying some very nasty things (in front of Teddy, unfortunately - inadvertently, but still).

Peter's theory is that natural disasters don't hit wealthy communities. I don't know if this is some weird after-effect of growing up under communism (where wealth is suspicious) or just some odd, anomalous stupidity. But he seems to really believe it. So he took video in a tornado and he expected to go to work during a tropical storm.


I was very hurt that my concern didn't dissuade him (CNN's admonishment to "stay at home if you have any choice" finally seemed to do the trick). I felt he had reckless disregard for his own safety.

Strangely enough, my screaming nasty names at him and calling him selfish did not make him want to stay home with me. Go figure.


Still, we're all safe, our house is fine, our community is fine, and it's been gorgeous ever since (someone on TV - probably a news anchor rather than a weatherperson - said something about hurricanes sucking all the bad weather out with them, which sounds like horsehooey but maybe not).

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Date:August 30th, 2011 03:03 pm (UTC)


I grew up in a "comfortable" community, close to wealthy, I guess, and it included hurricanes. My friend Ann Fyfe slept through a pine tree crashing through her bedroom ceiling, so I guess we got used to them, too. I can remember the sensation of the VW bug I was driving being pushed into the other lane by the wind. Maybe your spouse is suffering from the invincibility of youth syndrome that I can barely remember, but must have had driving around in a storm. It does seem that Mother Nature has never knocked him "upside his face." Maybe he should climb more ladders or something.

Meanwhile, I like the idea that hurricanes suck the bad weather out with them. Hasn't it been gorgeous?

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Date:August 30th, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)

gorgeous indeed!

Sleeping through a tree crashing through the ceiling seems so very... unlikely. I wish I could sleep that deeply!

I think I do, anyway. Might not be the safest thing.
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