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05:07 am: 10 years ago
:sigh: might as well jump on the bandwagon. It's heavy on my mind too, I suppose. Teddy seems oblivious, which is OK by me.

I was at work, sitting in my cube, working away at something or other. A loves-to-be-the-bearer-of-ill-tidings colleague dashed up and told me that a plane had hit a World Trade Center tower. People gathered in a conference room to watch CNN. I stayed in my cube and listened to the radio.

Before too long, we were sent home, what with being in the tallest building in Boston's Financial District and all. I went to the train station, but the trains were all delayed. So I got a bus to Newton, figuring I could hang out with my family and eventually get a ride home.

The bus was packed. I stood next to a woman I'd seen around town occasionally... no one I knew, just someone I recognized. She was mentally disabled, and got more and more frightened as it took longer and longer to get out of town. I spent a lot of time reassuring her, which I suppose kept me from freaking out myself. It took a couple of hours, I think, for a 20-minute bus ride. Miraculously, I was able to grab a cab right away to my folks' house (it was quite warm and I was carrying my laptop and my folks live on a hill and OK I guess I'm lazy, too).

Because we had colleagues (not from our own company, but from sister companies) in the Towers, my company was especially concerned about getting word from them (they all got out safely).

A lot of my concern was about dancers. I knew so very many in New York, but mostly knew them in the "dancer knowing" way -- perhaps not even knowing their last names... almost certainly not knowing where they worked or where they lived. So I spent a lot of time on Yehoodi and TommyWhiteTie watching for people to check in.

I don't think any dancers died that day, though someone's mother did, I think. And my mother's assistant's husband was on one of the planes from Boston. So the losses I felt were all indirect.

I spent the next week channeling my fear into organizing a local fundraiser, which was held on the 17th. We made a few thousand dollars for the Red Cross, which felt good (especially because dancers are notoriously poor).

So. That was my day, 10 years ago.

I was really lucky. Really lucky.

I'm no MetroDad, but so it goes.

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