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06:55 am: new school year, new activities
Teddy seems to like his new teacher, Mrs. M., very much. :phew: He's still getting to know the kids in his class, especially the boys (there's only one other boy from his kindergarten class). He's been invited to his first birthday party of the school year, which is good; he doesn't know what the boy would like for a present, which is somewhat more challenging.

He's also started soccer, which he has proclaimed "AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I'M SO GOOD!" The last is a bit of an over-statement, though he's pretty good for a kid who hasn't played before (though apparently he kicked a ball around occasionally at summer camp). There are a couple of kids who are really good (the coach's daughter, for one), but he's firmly in the middle of the pack, even with kids who played last year.

Another parent and I were musing that we have to undo important lessons for soccer: STEAL the ball! Don't share with the other team! Push (gently, not using your hands)! Cut in front of people!

His coach has tons of energy and seems very nice as well, so that's a relief. The parents are very supportive in a low-key way, just like T-ball.

Teddy also started hip-hop dancing, which he also proclaimed "AWESOME! I'M SO GOOD!" So we're two for two on fall activities (t-ball was never AWESOME, just REALLY FUN... and only sometimes at that). There are a dozen or so boys in his class, to my enormous relief, and there seems to be a fair amount of tumbling involved (the dance studio has a TV set up so we can watch). Teddy has good rhythm and not very good coordination. His friend J, whose mother is the one who told me about the class, has good coordination and not very good rhythm. Between them, they're an excellent dancer.

It seemed fairly challenging to me. I know I'd have a lot of trouble with some parts (I did take some hip-hop lindy classes with Johnny Lloyd and was a miserable failure in all of them), and I saw that most of the boys in the class had trouble too. I trust the teachers know what they're doing and the boys will get a great sense of accomplishment when they master the moves... or can at least do something that vaguely resembles the moves, anyway.

* * * * *

I've made no changes to my own activities this year (just deletions): I volunteer in the library and I've signed up for the book fair and for Longmeddowe Days (big fair in the spring). Mrs. M. doesn't seem to have classroom volunteers every day, which I'll miss. Sorta. Scheduling every other week was kind of a pain, despite its being just an hour.

Mrs. M. gave me a big ol' hug when she found out that I'll be in the library this year. Apparently she didn't have a parent volunteer last year. I wouldn't have thought it would make that big a difference, but I'll happily take a hug.

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Date:September 13th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
Take all the hugs you can get -- everybody, anywhere!

The proud mother of a library volunteer,

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Date:September 13th, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC)

it's in the genes

... so THANK YOU!
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