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04:28 pm: today's excuse was the worst yet
I overslept, so I missed the gym.

I had gone on Sunday for the first time in 12 days. TWELVE. DAYS. Egads.

First I smashed my toe (which I'm told was not broken after all, though it still freakin' hurts, particularly after I work out, dammit) and didn't dare do much of anything (and couldn't actually walk much) for several days. Sho'nuff, when I did go, my toe swelled up again and hurt like a bastard.

Then I got cramps. Three days before my period, for a whopping total of 7 freakin' days of cramp. Fothermucker. Could this be the beginning of menopause? I hopehopehope? It sure would be grand to end the 37 years of monthly pain. Dammit.

Then I was in Boston (leaving at 5 am, before the gym opens).

I finally went back, last weekend. And it felt awesome.

Aaaand I slept in and missed this morning.

Tomorrow, for sure.

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