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06:00 pm: it was a dark and stormy weekend...
...but still lots of fun. If you're going to sit around inside, avoiding the rain, why not do it on the Vineyard, after all?

I love sleeping in a rainstorm, with the wind wuthering around the house. Apparently Teddy does too, as he slept quite well all weekend (not all night, but fewer, shorter wakeups).

Teddy's been wary of strangers recently. He cried last week when my Dad held him (babies do not cry when my Dad holds them; babies love my Dad [me, too]), to my consternation. Fortunately, he got lots of time with Mum and Dad last weekend, so they don't count as strangers any more (at least for the moment -- fickle child that he is). He let each of them feed him, which is cool.

Even cooler: he crawled over to them, sat in their laps (voluntarily), and showed deep and abiding interest in what they were doing (ooh! Grandpa's in the kitchen! Cool! Lemme at him! ooh! Grandma's in the bedroom! Wuzzup there? ooh ooh ooh!). I love seeing him get to know them -- and vice versa, of course.

Mum doesn't think he's quite ready to walk, but I dunno. He's letting go with one hand, when I walk with him, and he's doing a sort of turn/one-step walk thing fairly often. Eek.

Current Mood: happyhappy, if soggy
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