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08:15 am: poke my jelly bently
Teddy likes to start the day with snuggling games. His favorite is usually body alarm clock. One person is the alarm clock. The sleeper then rests his or her head on the alarm clock's body (often the stomach, but sometimes the head or chest or sometimes - when Mommy is the alarm clock - it's full sleeper body on alarm body). The sleeper is given mere nanoseconds of sleep (especially if Mommy's the sleeper), then the alarm clock rings and rings and rings while the sleeper tries to hit the snooze button (nose). Usually hitting the snooze gets louder ringing.

The alarm clock queries "what did you dream?" and the sleeper is obliged to make up interesting dreams. Real dreams are never sufficiently interesting. ("I dreamed I got to sleep very late" sometimes gets giggles, however.)

This morning, Teddy told me to poke his jelly bently. The new game seems to be person-as-doll. When joked in the pelly, the doll has to say something, but only in a funny voice, and only in a made-up language.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be right.

In any case, we spent the rest of the morning (before he left for school) practicing spoonerisms.

I love my kid.

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