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07:39 am: I'm going to be a better parent today
'cause I was a crappy parent this weekend.

I mean, we went to Big E and I attended Teddy's soccer game and I managed to keep us fed and bathed and safe and all that, but otherwise? Crap.

I didn't want to hear Nintendo DS game plots. Or TV plots. Or movie plots.

I didn't want to hear much of anything.

I didn't want lots of jumping and excitement and jumping and running and did I mention the jumping?

I'm not sure exactly why I was in such a wretched mood. I did get a new iPad that sat in its box all weekend because I promised to edit a book because I didn't feel I could turn it down because I need every favor and all the exposure I can get in this poisonous work environment (in case it continues, which isn't unlikely). And I got sunburned. And because of the aforementioned editing I read maybe 3 magazines (2 while on the exercycle) and only half a book and I usually read at least one book a day (usually 5-6 over a weekend) and dammmit I feel deprived. And my toe is still red and hurts if I squeeze it even though I bashed it three fracking weeks ago and x-rays show it isn't broken and why the frack does it still hurt (especially after walking all over hell and gone at Big E).


So not a whole lot different from normal. I just didn't handle it well.

Today. Will. Be. Better.

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Date:September 26th, 2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
dude. you brought a young child to the big E and managed to keep him alive, and managed to not kill any frustrating idiot tourists either??? best parent ever. :)

also -- wow, you are a bionic reader! i'm jealous. it takes me forever to get through a book.
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Date:September 26th, 2011 04:34 pm (UTC)


Dunno 'bout that. I do read quickly, but mostly I squeeze it in wherever it can be squoze. I can't sleep without reading. I always have a book in the loo, and usually at breakfast and lunch (my concession to family? I don't read at dinner; Teddy follows this rule as well). I always carry a book to Teddy's events, too, which helps. I used to read at stoplights, but the lights are too short in Longmeadow for it to be worth it.

The Big E was a trial, I must admit. I'm SO not good in crowds. Everything was fine at first - I think everyone thought it was going to rain, so they stayed home to see - but by noon the joint was jumpin' (in the I-don't-want-any-jumping way, not in a cool-people-are-happy way). And it was hot, which I also hate.

And - I TOTALLY ADMIT IT, I'M A SNOB - Big E is not populated by, er... the people I'm used to seeing in my home or adopted town, shall we say. Tuh-rash-ee. Cigarettes. BLECH. Tattoos (and not fun, discreet, vintage-y tattoos, either, which I quite like - more like cliched, saggy, large, tacky, and - this is the part that drove me nuts - misspelled). Mullets. The kind of people who don't gag when they see a sign for fried butter balls. GAK GAK.

So there I was, cheek by jowl, in 80+ temps, with the hoi polloi in all their nicotine-laden glory. And IT MADE ME CRABBY.


No, really. CRABBY.
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Date:September 27th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)

Re: bionic?

I join you in the state of crabbiness. I'm just tired. And stressed. And I can't deal with the kids fighting and talking too loud and running around and screaming with glee. Let alone the minor irritations. It's hard to deal with when you are the only one there to deal with it at the time. So parenting suffers a bit with little patience available. I think we all deserve a vacation. A real one.
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Date:September 27th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)


I've been reading Baumeister & Tierney's book about ego depletion and it's AMAZING how many things it explains... including how we have so much less energy to deal with the irritations (major and minor) when we're under stress. Fascinating book!
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