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07:00 am: Did I say "better"? I meant "louder"
Morning monologue*:

You need to get dressed.
Clothes, Teddy.
Eat, Teddy.
Vitamins, Teddy.
Teddy! Vitamins!
Teddy! Put down the book! Vitamins!
Have you been potty?
Potty, Teddy!
Teddy! POTTY!
No, you can't have a book on the potty. You'll be there for hours.
Wash your hands.
Put on your shoes.
Shoes, Teddy.
Put down the book! Shoes!
No, we can't walk, Teddy. If you want to walk, you have to allow enough time.
Into the car.
Car, Teddy!
You can read in the car.
Seat belt first, Teddy.
You can read AFTER your seat belt is on, Teddy.
Car line, Teddy. Put down the book.
Teddy! Seat belt off!
Bye! I love you! Daddy will pick you up!


* This is after the snuggles, so we did start on a positive note.

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