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07:49 am: the night started out well...
If Teddy woke up before 3:15 (from 7:30! almost 8 hours!), I didn't notice (I may well have wakened, nursed him, and got him back to sleep, but I did so in my sleep).

From 3:15 to 5, though, it was an unending cycle of:
...wake up fussing
...throw himself onto his back
...thrash thrash thrash
...sleep for no more than 5 minutes, during which time I would also fall asleep


Then he slept 'til 7:30, waking 2-3 times, but more calmly.

I thought maybe he was cold, though his hands were toasty. (I was chilly, which rarely happens.)
I thought maybe he was hot, but his forehead was cool and he wasn't sweating.
I thought maybe he was uncomfortable, but none of the usual comforts worked.
I thought maybe he was gassy, but thumping his back and putting pressure on his tummy got no response (except giggles).
I thought maybe he just wanted to wake up, but turning the light on was clearly Not What He Wanted.

We're going to buy him blanket sleepers today. I hope that'll help. The boy will not stay under a blanket at all.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
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