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08:30 pm: Home, warm and safe
After almost a week without power (or heat), we're finally home again. w00t!

We spent the first night at home, then headed to my folks' house for (what we thought was) the duration. They were lovely, it was fabulous to see them (though I wish I'd had more visiting time - I was working all week), and we were happy to get home again.

WMECO said "the vast majority" of people would have power Friday night, and I believed them.

Because I am stupid.

So we ended up spending the night at the shelter. Everyone there was very nice, and the facility (our local high school) was fine, and the evening... sucked. None of us slept. It was cold (though nowhere near as cold as home) and noisy (in a low-level, continuous sort o' way) and the cots were, y'know, cots. Teddy and I ended up doing a jigsaw puzzle at 11 pm (3.5 hours after his bed time, thankyouverymuch).


But we're home. I got a most excellent surprise visit from derbyhat this afternoon, which was a delightful break from packing and printing out paperwork for my trip. The cab comes tomorrow at 6 and I'll head to the Masie Conference. Last year was excellent, so I'm very excited for this year. Add a trip to Legoland, either Epcot or Hollywood Studios, and a day at the hotel pools, and I've pretty much got the perfect week coming up.

But for now... bed. I have a week of sleep to catch up on.

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Date:November 6th, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)
Oh, baby, I had no idea you were at a shelter! So very sorry! Wish you had stayed here--although I know it would have hurt your timing.

I do hope this is a perfect week in every way. We'll miss you.


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Date:November 7th, 2011 12:15 am (UTC)

Thanks Mum!

We probably should've stayed, but I was worried that we'd end up missing Teddy's swimming (canceled) and Peter's work (not canceled)... not to mention possibly having to pack way too quickly and possibly in the dark.

It was an adventure. :shrug:
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