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07:38 am: longing
Seeing John Lithgow's marvelous show last night has made me long for the theater.

Before I got married, I had subscriptions to 2-3 companies a year (always the Huntington, the Lyric until it changed hands and philosophy, often New Rep, occasionally ART or Boston Lyric Opera) and often availed myself of other opportunities as they arose. After Teddy was weaned, I started going periodically again, though I hadn't yet re-started subscriptions.

There isn't much theater in Springfield, though Hartford has some, as do Northampton and Amherst. There's a vibrant scene in the Berkshires. And I've only been to children's theater since we moved here.

I must remedy that.

Even in a completely inadequate theater (hotel ballroom) and horribly uncomfortable (though easily stacked) chairs, last night was magical.

Yes, the show certainly made it so. It was truly wonderful.

But just being there felt wonderful too. Sitting in the dark, surrounded by other people, watching magic unfold together.

As always, I cried at the curtain call. I know how much effort went into that show. I vaguely recall the triumph of a successful show (all junior-high productions are raging successes). I know how it feels to just to get through it. Every curtain call brings that relief and exhilaration back to me, and I cry.

I miss it.

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