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07:09 am: is this age or Disney?
My body hurts. I figure I walked a half-marathon each day Thursday and Friday and a 10K Saturday, rested Sunday, then worked out yesterday. And I hurt.

Did I always hurt? When I was training 3-4 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, did my body hurt all the time? I don't remember general body aches, just (near-constant) bruising and injury aches. But maybe I'm forgetting? Dunno.

I don't remember hurting from dancing, which was just about every night for long hours, but was more intermittent exercise. And I did work up to the longer hours, rather than jumping right in from the beginning. Until the shoulder injury and the plantar fasciitis, I don't remember lots of pain other than dance camps (dancing 16-18 hours a day did tend to take its toll).


Oh well.

* * * * *

Orlando was (mostly) fun. Life is (mostly) restored after the storm. Updates coming soon(ish). Heading to Boston today, back tomorrow.

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