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10:09 am: what's up
I wish I'd had time to blog while I was away, 'cause now of course I can't remember enough. So here's a summary:

The effects of the big storm are still being felt. While everyone has electricity and the streets are mostly clean, the town is still cleaning up all the debris, which is piled high in many places. I feel very fortunate that we got through it relatively unscathed (there was indeed a heady brew in the fridge, but even that's gone to the trash now). It was No Fun at All, though I was amused to see that Teddy's story about it included a line to the effect that "we stayed at the high school one night; it was fun," which is most emphatically not what he said at the time.

The Masie Conference was mostly terrific. I haven't had time to write my wrap-up yet, which always helps my thinking to gel, but the keynotes were fabulous, as I mentioned before. The small sessions were mostly good (a couple terrific, a couple bad, mostly in the middle somewhere). The general sessions were way too long, at 2 hours, with the most boring speaker always last. I picked up 50% more Twitter followers who will, if last year is any indication, slowly drop off in the course of the year and come back at next year's conference.

Unless I'm still pissed at Disney, I'll probably attend next year. It really is a very efficient way to get at new trends in learning, especially what's being bought, not just talked about.

Legoland Florida was fun. We took a cab to a mall and a bus from the mall to the park (over an hour south of Orlando, not the best neighborhood). The park itself is easily managed in one seven-hour day, though it might've bumped to a day and a half if Teddy were interested in seeing any shows. It's probably optimal for about an 8YO - he was too small for some rides and was crowded out by bigger kids in the shared building spaces.

Teddy's favorite parts, from what I could tell, had nothing to do with Lego (except the stores): playscapes. One involved kids on the upper level loading weapons with foam balls and firing them on the kids in the lower level. Teddy acted primarily as ammunition loader, which role he seemed to relish. Go figure.

He also loved the Lego Man, whom I found a bit creepy.

Anyway, the park itself is cool, with many, many Lego sculptures of various sizes around the park. Many have audio triggered by motion detectors, which was amusing.

My personal favorite was the Lost Kingdom Adventure, which is a lot like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at Disney, except you try to zap an evil Lego man instead of the evil Emperor Zurg.

Epcot was a big success as well. Peter came along for that part, which definitely helped (he took Teddy on Test Track while I watched the 360 movie in Canada). Teddy's favorite part was Kim Possible, which involved his following commands from a cell phone around the U.K. attractions. I'd hoped it would help keep his interest in exploring Epcot, but it mostly kept his interest in the cell phone. :sigh: Oh well.

In any case, we all had a good time and Teddy got to see a lot more than he did last year, when we pooped out pretty early. The International Food Festival was still going on (same as last year), which was a drag. They set up so many booths around the World Showcase that it's hard to navigate.

We spent Saturday at the resort, which was a (mostly) relaxing day at the pool. The Coronado Springs' primary attraction is the pool, which is fantastic. So that part was fun.

(Having to haul my big-ass suitcase? Less fun. Still pissed about that, and haven't received a reply yet to my nastygram to Disney.)

The trip back home was long and tedious, but fine. All the families on our second flight were split up, the flight was fully booked, and the flight attendants were no help. But it's a relatively short flight and we got home in due order, though Teddy was falling apart by that time. It was mighty good to get home again (around 1:30 am).

The Aftermath has been a bit tough, most definitely not helped by my being in Boston for two days. I was happy to be there for a dear friend's departure celebration (though unhappy for the reason), but the timing was unfortunate for Teddy, who's still settling in.

I managed to not use all the vacation I was supposed to, so I'll be taking a couple of extra days in addition to what I'd planned. Not at all a bad thing, though I suspect those days will also be not entirely free.

In the Etc. category, I officially interviewed for a new job at my company and am very excited about it. I've also been interviewing people for my department, which is fun. I'll post more when I know more.

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Date:November 23rd, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)

From Inge

I remember the 360 degree movie in Canada. I went right after Epcot opened. Are they still showing it? The one where the mounties on horseback surround you? It was better than I thought it would be.

Good luck with your new job prospect!!!
[User Picture]
Date:November 25th, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)

Yep, still showing it

It's pretty spectacular. I didn't get to see the one on China, but maybe next time.

Job prospect's looking good. As soon as I have the letter in hand, I'll blog about it.
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