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10:49 am: Neither vendor nor family killed
It was actually quite a lovely Thanksgiving. Limited drama. Unlimited food. Lots of warmth and cooperation. Little conflict or consternation. So that was good. And pie for breakfast this morning, so I felt like Almanzo in Farmer Boy.

Work, OTOH, took a nosedive late Wednesday (when I was supposed to be on vacation of course). The vendor, which is already 9 months late on a delivery, casually mentioned (and only after persistent questioning) March as a probable delivery date. Because the current solution (the first having failed) may not be optimal and so let's just wait 'til the next release for yet a third solution.

Well, no. No, we're not going to do that. We're going to deliver the fucking solution promised, aren't we? AND SOON.

This is a solution to the problem on which the president (of the vendor, not my company) challenged the use case ("I really don't think you need that"; yes, we do, and even if we didn't, you promised you could deliver it as an essential condition for our agreeing to join our sister companies in using your fothermucking software over a year ago, you rat-fink tech-sales asshole) last summer.


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