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08:25 pm: WTF are number facts?
We got Teddy's first first-grade report card today, and I'm confused. He was marked mostly 3 (meets standard) or 4 (exceeds standard), with three 2s (approaching standard): writes letters using correct formation (I think this means he sometimes starts letters someplace other than where he should), produces neat and legible work (from what I've seen of the papers posted on the wall, the vast majority of first-trimester first graders are 1 or 2 on this one), and knows number facts to 10.

WTF are number facts? Google seems to be telling me this is basic addition, which he knows. All his math papers come home marked 100% correct. His teacher didn't say anything about his needing work on math when we met last month.

Not that the grade matters all that much - he's working hard and learning a lot - but what does it mean? The attached letter says it's not unusual to receive a 1 or 2 in the first trimester, but that this indicates an area that needs further development.

I'd be happy to help with that, if I can find out what it means.

I'm delighted to see that he got 4 for effort in most subjects; the letter notes that a 4 is "given for exceptional performance," though I do wonder how exceptional it really is.

I must admit, I miss the written reports from Montessori.

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