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08:18 pm: that was scary
We were going to see Bright Nights in Springfield, so we went to Bueno y Sano for the best of all possible local burritos (zucchini, thankyouverymuch) for dinner.

On the way back toward Forest Park, as we were driving toward The X (a big, confusing intersection) in the dark and rain, a group of teenagers came barreling into the road, careening into, onto, and in front of cars and creating confusion and mayhem.

Scared the ever-loving crap outta me.* Peter went a bit nuts, using language I never use (I use a lot of bad language, but there are certain words I never, ever say), wanting me to Call The Police Right Now.

1 - I didn't have a phone.
2 - I was driving. In the rain. In the dark.
3 - I was shaking from fear of what had just happened, what could've happened, what might yet happen again.

He yelled. I yelled. He gave me his phone, I called the police, pulled over, told the dispatcher what had happened, and drove on.

The lights were beautiful.

Me? Still really, really shaky.

* Not literally, thank goodness.

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Date:December 17th, 2011 02:27 pm (UTC)


The dispatcher was appalled - though not surprised, as far as I could tell - when I explained the situation to her.

"Where is this happening?"
"At the X."
"Where at the X?"
"IN THE X. In the intersection."
"IN the street?"
"IN the street."
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