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07:02 am: aging
There are quite a few things I like about aging - relaxing about stuff that used to wind me up, falling off the radar for unwanted attention, building up my retirement fund - but there are definitely some that I don't like.

Creaky bones. Stiff fingers. That kind of thing.

The process toward menopause is the least fun so far. I had cramps for three weeks last month. Finally ended the first week of February. And started again last weekend.

For those of us who are counting, that's a whopping 8 days in between.

And just for sh!ts and giggles, I had a nasty cold the entire time.

I've been looking forward to menopause since I was about 12. I'm psyched to be that much closer to it. But I sure hope this phase ends sooner rather than later. 'Cause it sucks.


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