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08:00 am: In a shocking twist...
Teddy got the BabyGap gig. So we're still in NYC (hopinghopinghoping we can stay in our [new, much better] hotel one more night, instead of having to move again). The fitting's tomorrow (huh? what happened to Friday?); we're hoping the shoot will also be tomorrow, but it could be Thursday or Friday instead... it's definitely not on the weekend, as the agency told us originally.

Thank goodness my company has an office here, so I don't have to take too much time off work.

If we're lucky, Teddy's fee will cover the costs of earning it (though we'll pay the costs out of pocket and the fee will go directly into his 529, we will take expenses against his revenue at tax time). Unfortunately, there won't be any tax break for the $100 ticket I got for taking an illegal right turn. Dammit.

The irony is that I KNEW the police officer was there. I took the right in part because I was so freakin' lost I wanted to get directions from him (his directions weren't altogether accurate, either). :sigh: Oh well... I definitely deserve the ticket.

Current Mood: surprisedastonished
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