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08:18 am: It's school vacation
So Teddy is playing... school.

We started with lunch count (Mommy wants salad, Daddy wants pastrami, Teddy hasn't decided).

Special today is art, which will take place in the classroom (Teddy's room). We can pick any lessons we want.

After that, Teddy will pick up Pandulák* at the library, where he will find out what sort of mischief Pandulák got into overnight.

This afternoon, I believe Teddy and Peter will be going to the Springfield Museum to see the frog exhibit.

Today is Peter's Day, so we started the day with Dunkin', though I think the actual celebration will be tomorrow, when I'm also on vacation.

It's a glamorous life.

* Czech for boy doll. The (kinda creepy) stuffed animal Teddy chose to leave for the stuffed-animal sleepover at the library. Teddy and I went for story-time, pillow-making, and toy-desertion last night.

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