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07:25 am: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
I'm apologizing for me, first, as I've been quite remiss in blogging. Still Way Too Much going on. I'm over-capacity in a lot of ways, including staying in touch with people about whom I care very much (also: paying attention to anything that isn't me or my family). I'll be back when I can, I promise.

Second, but far more important: Teddy is a sensitive kid. When he knows he's done something wrong, he tends to wail "I'm sooooorrrry!" and get really upset. The first time I recall this happening was when he was 2, I think? We met occhi_cinesi at an art gallery in Newport to see a friend's show. I lost sight of Teddy for a minute, only to find he'd run into the parking lot.

Yep. Scared the ever-loving crapola outta me.

When I grabbed him (safe, thank all the powers that ever have been, are, and will be), he kept saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry."

I was so shaken, unfortunately, that I'd find myself clinging to him periodically afterwards. And he kept saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry."

He's never been in a situation like that again (and please, all the powers, etc., keep him that way!), but he does occasionally do something wrong. I can't tell what triggers the sorry triplicate, though it's certainly not my response. He's sometimes overwhelmingly sorry for something trivial or not all that sorry about something that I take more seriously. He's sometimes overwrought by my displeasure and sometimes scornful. He's sometimes overcome by being called out and sometimes unfazed.

The only thing common to sorry sorry sorry is that he's always unequivocally wrong (but being wrong doesn't always make the sorries come out). He never says it when he was actually right about something. But the degree and seriousness and reaction are apparently irrelevant.

Oh well.

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