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07:06 am: The Tooth Fairy, 2012
Teddy finally lost the endlessly-wiggly tooth last night. It was the third to go (also the third to arrive; consistency is nice).

Actually, he didn't lose it. He pulled it out himself despite being really, really afraid. I'm very proud that he mustered the courage to do it. He was thrilled afterward, both because yeah! tooth! and because it didn't hurt. Triumph emerging from that crumpled-up, super-scared little face was one of the best things I've ever witnessed.

We put his tooth into an envelope marked "Here's my tooth" (in English, Czech, Spanish, French, and Teddy's private language) on the front and "Thank you" (same languages) on the back. Teddy's worried the Tooth Fairy may not speak English.

Anyway, we taped the envelope to the mailbox, so the TF wouldn't have to break in through the window. Teddy tells me that the TF is a tiny man who does NOT have wings, but does have sticky lizard feet, so it was OK to have the envelope up high.

The TF left the envelope on the inside of the front door, considerably lower down. Teddy got $5 this time, probably for his extra effort. He'll probably be back to $2 for the next one.

* * * * *

Speaking of parental pride, I heard another story last night that lit me up. Mrs. A., the mother of one of Teddy's closest friends, told me about something that happened a few months back. She happened to have the opportunity to watch the first graders at recess, and she saw the class bully, call him B, push Teddy.* She said she had one foot out the door, ready to intervene, but Teddy stood up and talked to B. Mrs. A's son J then started talking to B, too, and L and U (two other kids) also came up and talked to B. By the time a teacher arrived (probably moments later), Teddy and B had shaken hands and started playing nicely again.

Teddy never even mentioned the incident to me, though he vaguely recalled it when I reminded him. I'm so proud of him (and J, L, & U, of course). They worked out their own problems just fine, all by themselves. woo HOO!

* B pushes everyone, sadly. Teddy and I have had quite a few discussions about B, who's been particularly nasty to Teddy's friend K (though not apparently in Teddy's presence). Teddy has repeatedly assured me that B doesn't bully him and doesn't bully other people if Teddy's around. We've practiced what Teddy can say if B does something to anyone that Teddy thinks is inappropriate, the first step of which is talking to B himself. woo HOO!

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Date:March 26th, 2012 09:59 pm (UTC)
Wow! It's a little embarrassing (at my advanced age) to swell with pride at a grandson's behavior, but sometimes it just seems the only thing to do!
Wow! Hope I'm around long enough to see what kind of grown-up he becomes. And it seems a good time to note what a good job parenting him you are doing!

[User Picture]
Date:March 26th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC)

I sure hope so!

Some things skip a generation, from what I hear. ;)
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