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06:02 am: NYC: Hotels (and Teddy moments therein)
We had the dubious honor of staying at three hotels (at four rates :argh!:) in New York. Just in case my small, but highly intelligent, well-traveled, and extraordinarily attractive reading audience happens to head toward NYC any time soon, here's what we thought.

The Portland Square Hotel, as I may have mentioned two or three dozen times, was pretty awful. It was clean, but it was the kind of place that I checked the sheets, the towels, and the tub to make sure they were clean. The towels were small and cheap. The toilet paper was smaller and cheaper. The bathroom had a marble threshold (why??) on which I stubbed my toe. Every. Single. Time. And it was so very beige.

Teddy liked it ok. The plumbing was truly fascinating. The bed was large. And it was his first opportunity in a while to explore our luggage. Because, really, what more could a boy want? Luggage has zippers! And pockets! And wheels!

The location was excellent for theatre (half a block from Time Sq Tix), but also very noisy.

The Skyline was a nice, family-oriented hotel. We would've happily stayed there. The pool had weird, evening-only hours (not that we brought suits, but we would've bought them if we'd stayed another night), and it wasn't super snazzy (peeling wallpaper, cheesy towels), but the price was right (parking was cheap... $10!). The room was HUGE, for New York, though the bathroom only had a shower (Teddy still really dug the plumbing, however). There were two double beds and lots of room to play catch in between. That's REAL catch, where Teddy would "throw" the ball (i.e., let it go in some random direction), I would catch or run after it (though he crawled after it himself, too), I would roll it back to him, and he would catch the ball.

Maybe he won't need college money after all -- he'll go to school on an athletic scholarship.

Or maybe an academic scholarship. The clever boy has learned to crawl right to the edge of the bed, but not fall off. He'll then pivot around onto his stomach, and ease his way onto the floor.

That hotel was located a bit off the beaten path (10th and 49th), but it was a nice walk to work. Chelsea Piers, where Teddy's Events were occurring, would've been a fine walk, too, except we didn't get the chance to try it.

It wasn't a great neighborhood, but it wasn't bad. No problems at all during the day... and Teddy and I go to sleep at 7.

The Red Roof Inn was the nicest (good thing, since we stayed there the longest). The room was significantly smaller, but lots nicer, than the room at the Skyline. No peeling wallpaper. Nice towels. (The TP at all three hotels seemed very harsh -- what's up with that?? Is my tush spoiled [I think not, as we buy Kirkland's generic TP] or is cheap TP part of the NYC experience?) And there was a clock and a coffeemaker! And two newspapers! And breakfast was included (donuts, bagels, toast, oatmeal, fruit, juice, coffee). The rate we got for the first night was only $20 more than Portland Sq and $10 more than Skyline. And it, too, was a nice walk to work.

Alas, the rate for the second night was $100 more than that. Ouch! We ate a lot of breakfast, and I took fruit for snacks while at work. And we had to pay half the cost of the third night when we checked out early. Dammit.

Teddy liked RRI just fine... after all, it had plumbing! We put all his toys in a bottom drawer. After smashing his fingers (ever so lightly) a few times, he got quite adept at putting the toys in and out. Mostly out.

Just minutes after we got to the room, he fell half-off the bed (only half because the bed was mere inches from the radiator, so he got stuck in the crack). He didn't get hurt, but he sure wasn't happy about it. I hope he learned the lesson that sitting near the edge of the bed (where the sunlight was streaming in, making for enticing shadow possibilities), then pivoting, can be dangerous.

But so much for the clever boy! Here's hoping for that athletic scholarship, 'cause supermodeling is more expensive than we expected.

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