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07:43 am: Happy Easter Monday!
Teddy and I spent the weekend at my folks' house (when we weren't out and about). We went to the circus with my wonderful nephew A on Saturday (sadly, wonderful niece M couldn't come).

I believe Big Apple Circus is dabbling with Cirque-du-fying itself. The MC was... odd - a large, operatic woman in a Harlequiny costume who failed to straddle the very thick line between maternal and mysterious. There were new magician clowns who lacked charisma (the magician) and screeched (his assistant). Ugh.

Costumes were odd and colorful and gave a distinct Cirque du Soleil vibe but did not reflect anything like Cirque du Soleil perfection. I think I would have been awed by the acrobats' skills if they wore more traditional costumes, but in their dramatic, textured, very distinctive garb, I expected flawless performances; the stumbles bothered me more.

In retrospect, I think it's because when the clear goal is fun, a few stumbles (especially when accompanied by smiles - which were too rare in the BAC acrobats last weekend) don't seem to matter. But when the goal is awe, stumbles represent failure instead.

Big Apple is a wonderful, family-centered, one-ring circus. It is a half-assed, under-performing, disappointing Cirque du Soleil. The only overlap with the old BAC (that I recognized, anyway) was Grandma, and this is his last year.

OTOH, there was a marvelous animal act that included dogs, a pig, a porcupine, and a capybara (ROUS). That was pretty damned amazing (if short).

We had a family birthday celebration (mine), which was fun. And Eastover was much more laid back than recent years. My sister did all the cooking, I did much of the set up, and my parents relaxed more (if not as entirely as we'd hoped). The guests mostly behaved, the kids had fun, and I do believe a good time was had by all.

We're down to two kids (Teddy and cousin M) and one adult (!) doing the egg hunt. I wonder how many more years we'll get.

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