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07:22 pm: Out of our league
Teddy saw (parts of) his first major-league baseball game yesterday, with mixed results.

He declared it "totally boring" within 2 minutes of sitting down. 2 minutes. But I made him sit through 5 innings, because I'm mean. And cheap (while I'll happily pay for new experiences for my kid, I'm not paying that much for 2 minutes or, more important, for his not even trying to find something fun about it).

He ultimately said that he really enjoyed watching the pitchers and the batters, liked the food*, and loved the music (So good! So good! So good!), and hated the noise. The cheering really upset him (it does get mighty loud mighty fast).

Sadly, there were few occasions for cheering, though we were there for the Red Sox' only two runs.

Despite the allure of the big green monster, the fun of doing the wave, and the magnitude of his caloric intake, he doesn't want to go back. I'm glad he had the experience, and glad I was able to share it (though I was sorely tempted to ask my beloved nephew to take him, that seemed horribly, horribly unfair to him, given Teddy's likely Issues).

So we're back to minor league for a few more years. The Wild Cats are fun, and cheap, and close. :shrug:

* * * * *

In the meantime, he won't be getting a leopard gecko this week. He's been pestering for a pet for a looong time. He knows we won't get a kitten or a puppy until next year (I need a purebred something because of allergies, and they're expensive, and I'm not bloody well charging a pet). We were going to get a fish, but I read all this stuff that said you need a 10-gallon tank at a minimum (! really? what happened to bitty goldfish bowls?). Peter doesn't like rodents (and I'm probably allergic anyway), but a friend recommended a gecko.

So we were going to get a gecko this week if he behaved.

Maybe next week.

* We split a hotdog; he had cotton candy and lemonade. To my great disappointment, no one was selling Sports Bars. WTH?? That's the best part of the game!

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